Justin Trudeau said while many people are staying 鑫鼎彩票代理注册, many are not and we need too in order to stem the spread of COVID-19. He says in order to provide data and modelling to Canadians to help people plan and prepare, our behavior is the biggest variable and he reiterated the need to stay 鑫鼎彩票代理注册, “We know that people want to plan for how long we will be in this situation, but the models to project that directly depends on people staying 鑫鼎彩票代理注册.”

He added, “If you don’t want to see our hospitals overwhelmed, you must stay 鑫鼎彩票代理注册, minimize your movements and stay away from people and we will protect our doctors, nurses, and our friends and families.”

Trudeau also announced one-million masks for healthcare workers arrived in southern Ontario yesterday and staff has been working through the night to validate them. This is in addition to the 10-million masks that have been received in the last week. He shared what he called a “quintessential” Canadian story of Bauer, the company that makes hockey equipment, is now producing masks for frontline workers.

Trudeau will be holding a call with the First Ministers tonight where he says they will speak directly to the coordination of data between the provinces and territories in order to be better able to prepare models of whether the situation will get worse, if staying at 鑫鼎彩票代理注册 is working, and how and where COVID-19 is spreading.